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What we all need to understand about the 2020 elections and the issues at stake

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From his days as a developer refusing to pay his subcontractors for work they performed to the hundreds of lies he's told as President, Trump's character speaks for itself and is a key reason that former President George Bush and so many prominent Republicans outside of Congress have come out against him.

Reasonable people can disagree on many policies but Trump's denial of climate change flies in the face of our experience and the opinion of 97% of climate scientists that it is real.  Other policies have been equally destructive of our social safety net and basic fairness for the working class.

Trump's authoritarian instincts are rising to the surface as he admits denying funding to the postal service in order to sabotage the elections and other statements he's making that call into question his willingness to leave office -- not to mention his 4 years of support for brutal dictators throughout the world.

Conservative friends fear overreaching by Democrats.  We understand.  But the danger of unintended consequences from policy changes seem far less than what many fear.

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