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Joe Biden & Kamala Harris:  Issues, Values

Will a Democratic Administration really  abolish the police and undermine law and order? 

Nothing in either their recent statements nor in their political backgrounds indicates they would. (See their statements below.)  

When thinking about the recent protests, it's important to be distinguish the different actors:

Racism and Protests, Riots and Vandalism

It's important to distinguish between the actions of different actors in this horrible drama:​

  • Protestors (nonviolent)

  • Rioters (violent)

  • Looters

At the same time, it is hard for us to understand how any American today can ignore the impact of centuries of slavery and discrimination against Black people in the U.S. -- and the need for police and criminal justice reform so that Black people are not unfairly treated.

Statement by Joe Biden on Kenosha Events

Statement by Kamala Harris on Kenosha Events

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